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Five Sources of Inspiration for Creating a New, Fabulous Wardrobe

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Are you in need of a new wardrobe but unsure of what's in and what's not? You're not alone. Fashion trends come and go without little notice that they're no longer stylish. That's why it's important to know where to go to find the best ideas so you can incorporate them into your wardrobe and wear them.

 Here are five sources of inspiration that you'll find useful when putting together a new, fabulous wardrobe: 

  1. Fashion Magazines. People get paid to follow trends and predict fashions. When you want to know what's in for the season, pick up a stack of fashion magazines and do your homework. Tear out or bookmark designs you're interested in for future reference.
  2. The Streets of Your City. Take a look at the people you encounter while walking down the street of any major city to see what the latest fashion trend is. You'll find women of all sizes rocking out styles that they love.
  3. Other women do the work for you so you can look fantastic without any real effort. Compile a list of your favorite blogs and read them regularly to learn what's in and what's out.
  4. Fashion retailers have merchandisers who scour the globe for the latest styles so they can offer them to you. Step foot in a brick and mortar storefront or spend a few minutes online deciding which retailers are perfect for you. Make sure to check out Literatus Design for our latest offerings.
  5. Your Fashionable Friend. There's always one in the crowd. Your fashionista friend looks great day and night. Don't be afraid to ask her for recommendations. She's got a few she wants to share with you.


You don't have to go far to find inspiring looks worthy of putting in your own wardrobe. Keep your eyes open for clothing that makes you look great and feel good. Pay close attention to colors, patterns, materials, and cuts of fabric. Know which styles are best for mixing and matching and experiment with different color combinations. Make items your own by accessorizing with scarves, necklaces, and belts.